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True&Co. Wear Test Program

Melissa Mar -

About The True&Co. Wear Test Program

At True&Co., we take a collaborative approach to making the best-fitting bras for every woman. We’re always looking for ways to innovate our community-inspired bras.

You helped us create The Original Fit Quiz (the first ever for bras and underwear!), you helped us make bras women actually want to wear, and you helped us make those bras more inclusive to plus sizes.

We’re amazed at how far we’ve come, but there’s so much more we want to and can do! And we want you alongside us.

Wear Test Program: Terms & Conditions

By completing this survey, you have agreed to be a member of our Comfort/Fit Wear Testing Program and to comply with all terms and conditions outlined below. As such, you are associated with True & Co.'s dedication to producing the finest under garment in the world.

As part of your participation, we will ask you for certain personal data, including name, email, mailing address, age, underwear size, silhouette preferences, and brand preferences.  The information you will provide is valuable to True & Co. and will be used in the continuing development of the True & Co. products.  If you have any questions about the data we collect, and what we do with your information, please see our Privacy Policy

We will also provide you with confidential information about our products, which you may not share with anyone, include any competitors of True & Co.

As a participant of this Program, you've agreed to the following:

  • I am over the age of 18.
  • I am comfortable in my ability to properly use the sampled products.
  • I will not be paid or compensated for my participation in the Program, except that I will get to keep products that I test if I complete the testing.
  • I understand that since the product is under test and may have characteristics which may be unknown to True & Co., True & Co. does not guarantee or warrant the product in any way, including, but not limited to, any warranty of fitness, merchantability or safety.
  • All wear test guidelines need to be followed and all fit/comfort learning comments needs to be submitted before the deadline dates. All feedback I provide (written or verbal) belongs to True & Co., and True & Co. may use such feedback in any way, including but not limited to improvements or other changes to the product.
  • I understand that the product provided to me for testing is CONFIDENTIAL. This means that I will not: (1) post or share pictures, reviews or comments of the test products on the Internet, including in a blog, on a message board, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or with anyone else, (2) sell any test samples; make samples available for inspection to anyone, for any reason, other than to True & Co. or (3) describe or discuss bras in any respect with anyone other than a True & Co. Product Representative (i.e. Wear Test Analyst).
  • I hereby personally and voluntarily assume any and all risks of injury or loss incurred or suffered by me in conjunction with my testing of the product.
  • I agree that True & Co. can request that I return the sample product or may terminate my participation in the Program at any time. If that happens, I am still bound by all terms and conditions in this program.
  • I hereby knowingly and voluntarily forever RELEASE, DISCHARGE, AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS, AND AGREE NOT TO SUE True & Co. and any of its officers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, contractors, and board members from any and all damages, claims, demands, or causes of action that arise out of or are in any way connected with my participation in the testing of the Product DUE TO ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF CONTRACT, OR BREACH OF ANY STATUTORY OR OTHER DUTY OF CARE. I hereby release True & Co. and its officers, directors, representatives, employees, contractors, and board members, and their heirs, successors and assigns, from and indemnify them against any and all damages, costs, charges or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred in connection with any such claim, demand or action. I make this release, assumption of risk, and agreement not to sue for myself and on behalf of my heirs, executors, personal representatives, assigns and estates.
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