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Fast Checkout FAQ | True&Co.

Melissa Mar -

Fast checkout should be easy, why isn't it working for me?

You're right, Apple Pay and Paypal are becoming the quickest ways to pay online. However, sometimes if things aren't quite aligned, it can be tricky. We hear you.

At True&Co. we've made it easy with our how-to guide based on feedback from Our Community. 

Follow the steps below and watch fast checkout work before your eyes. 👀✨


Let's figure it out together. Do either of these sound like you?

I'm a new/returning customer, do I need to sign into my account to use ApplePay or Paypal?

Yes! Before tapping the Apple Pay or Paypal buttons you need to sign in or create an account first.

  1. Start by entering your new or existing credentials into the form fields below the 
    "SIGN IN OR CREATE AN ACCOUNT" on True&Co.'s initial checkout screen.
    Important: You will not be able to proceed if you do not complete this step. 
  2. Next, tap the Apple Pay or Paypal button as your payment method.
  3. Make sure your billing, shipping, and contact information are correct and match the information on your credit card. In Apple Pay, if you need to change any of this information you can tap on the ">" arrow in each section to update it.
  4. When you've returned to True&Co.'s initial checkout screen tap 'Continue' to finish processing payment and confirm details of your order.
  5. Your order will be placed once you've tapped, "Place Order" on the final screen.


step-1-button.jpg  step-2-button.jpgstep-3-button.jpg  step-4-button.jpgstep-5-button.jpg


My bank says the payment was authorized. My order was placed, right? 

Not yet. But you're this 👌 close. 

  1. Make sure you've followed steps 1-5 in the previous question.
  2. Remember, even though payment has been 'authorized', it doesn't mean your order was placed. 'Authorizing' in the bank world means 'temporary payment hold'. This just ensures there are enough funds to draw from if/when you decide to place your order. 
  3. To place your order, tap 'Continue' on True&Co.'s initial checkout screen. Then, confirm your order is correct before tapping "Place Order" on the final screen. 
  4. Now your order has been placed.


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