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How do I care for my bras?

Rhianna -

1.  Hand washing your bra is the best. Laundry is already exhausting, and finding the time to do it can sometimes seem an insurmountable task. However, if you do have the extra time, you will get the best love back from your bra if you handle it with care. A good hand wash is the equivalent of whispering, “I love you” to your bra.

2.  Use a gentle soap in cool water. Regular detergents have harsh additives that will strip away at the delicate fibers in your bras and lessen your bra’s lifespan after time. Temperature is also a key factor in this process: warm water will weaken your bra’s elastic, meaning less support in the long run.

3.  If you can’t hand wash, always use a lingerie bag. We know not everyone has the time to individually hand-wash their bras, so we recommend throwing your bras and other delicate intimates into a lingerie bag in order to keep the straps from twisting and cups from warping, causing an early demise. 

4.  Clasp before washing. If you’re not clasping your bra before washing, you run the risk of snagging up your bra – especially the gorgeous lace ones.

5.  Avoid the dryer at all costs. Always hang dry or lay flat on a towel with cups facing up. Be sure to gently press excess water out with a towel, especially when it comes to those push-ups with extra padding.

6.  Stack bras for optimum shape retention. Stacking bras in your lingerie drawer is the best way to ensure they will maintain their shape.

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