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Why am I being recommended a new size?

Molly -

Now that you've taken the fit quiz your shop will show you recommended bras, panties and loungewear! Certain fit issues can be a clear sign that you're wearing the wrong size, so based on your quiz answers you may be recommended new sizes and styles. Your original size is still available for you to check out in your shop as well. 

What fit issues may have led to a new size recommendation? 

  • Band fit: If the band is digging uncomfortably or riding up the back you may need a new band size.
  • Underwire discomfort: When either the cup or the band don't fit correctly you may feel some discomfort, digging or poking from the underwire. On a well-fitting bra an underwire will barely be noticeable!
  • Spilling from the cup: If you're constantly adjusting your cups or spilling out of them it may be time for a new cup size. 
  • Center panel: On most great fitting bras the center panel will lie flat, so any major movement or floating of the center panel can be a sign you need to upgrade to a better-fitting size. 

Still don't understand your fit recommendations? We're confident that the quiz addresses most fit concerns, but our Customer Experience team of Fit Experts are happy to help explain your quiz results and find you a good fit. 

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