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How often do I need to replace my bras?

Molly -

We only offer high quality styles that we have found up to the task of keeping you comfortably supported all day. Even so, bras are support garments, and those in regular rotation should be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

Proper bra care can help to elongate the life of your bra. We recommend closely following the care instructions for your delicates. It is always best to hand wash. If you do use the washer take care to hook your bras, put them in a lingerie bag, and use the gentle cycle. Never put your bras in the dryer, as the aggressive heat can damage the fibers and lead to warping and stretching.

Most importantly, be kind to your bras. Give them a few days to breathe between wears to keep them in top condition. A well-stocked bra wardrobe will allow you to rotate bras as needed!

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