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How does sizing work if I need to go bigger or smaller?

Rhianna -

Many women are wearing a band that is too loose for them.  The band should provide 90% of the support, so a band that is too big can cause some serious fit issues. It’s important to understand how the cup size is relative to the band when going up or down a size.

When going down in the band, you must go up in the cup to maintain the same cup size. For example, if you are wearing a 36C and need to go down to a 34 band, you will need a 34D to keep the cup capacity the same. The opposite also applies - if you need to go up a band size, remember to go down in the cup.

How do I know if my band is fitting correctly?

Your band should lay flat across your back:


A band that is too loose will ride up: 



A band that is too tight will rub and pinch you uncomfortably:





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