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Finding a Good Fit

Molly -

Size is really just a number. Like apparel, sizing across different manufacturers is not the same. That means you might need different sizes depending on the brand and style of the bra you are trying. Think instead about how your bras fit and feel on your body.

A good fitting bra will:

  • Feel nice and snug around the band on the loosest hook, without riding up in the back or shifting when you move
  • Provide cups that encapsulate all breast tissue without spilling from the top or sides. The underwire should rest on the outside of the breast painlessly against your rib cage.
  • The center gore in the front between the cups should lie completely flat against your rib cage between your breasts.
  • You should not have to re-adjust your bra throughout the day. A good fitting bra is barely noticeable when you’re wearing it and should not cause discomfort.

If your bra does not hold up in any of these areas then it may not be the right size or style for you. Let’s try some different sizes and styles and get you into a beautiful bra that fits comfortably!

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