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True Body Size Suggestions

Rhianna -

The recommended sizes for the True Body V NeckTrue Body Scoop NeckTrue Body Lift Scoop Neck , and True Body Front Closure are:

XS suggested for sizes bra sizes 30B-C and 32A-B
S suggested for bra sizes 32C-D and 34A-B
M suggested for bra sizes 34C-D and 36A-B
L suggested for bra sizes 36C-D and 38A-B
XL suggested for bra sizes 38C-D and 40A-B


The recommended sizes for the True Body Lift+ Scoop Neck and the True Body Front Closure+ are:

XS suggested for sizes 30DD-DDD and 32DD
S suggested for sizes 32DDD and 34DD
M suggested for 34DDD and 36DD
L suggested for 36DDD and 38DD
XL suggested for 38DDD and 40DD


We recommend wearing any new item around the house for an hour or so (tags on) to get a feel for how it moves with your body, while still keeping it eligible for refund.

If you are outside of the recommended size, we wouldn't suggest trying the product as you may not get enough support.

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